Ashley Hoffman


Ashley is the personification of what it means to be Relentless. After years of battling in the highest-level figure competitions across the country, Ashley saw the one thing she could rely on tumultuously turn on her.

The constant onslaught of competitions took a toll on Ashley’s body, causing hormonal imbalance that no one seemed to understand fully. Time in the gym was no longer a sanctuary; Lifting was no longer fulfilling; and fitness was no longer safe. Doctor after doctor took a stab at determining Ashley’s diagnosis, but not a single one could find a solution, let alone relate with her struggle.

With her identity stripped from her, Ashely had to undergo the hardest battle of all: The war within. Her idea of what life would look like dramatically changed, but Ashley wouldn’t accept defeat. Instead, she fought back.

She refused to live a life of mediocrity. Every doctor that told her to give up, every person that told her to settle, and every expectation from her industry, she rejected. Her pursuit of health and happiness was going to be defined by one person and one person alone: Her.

Now Ashley serves as an online personal trainer and health coach. She carries her story with her everywhere she goes as an ever-present reminder that it’s never too late for a person to build a new definition of success.

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