Ettore Ewen


You might recognize Big E from his high-flying, pancake-throwing, odds-defying time in the WWE arena, but just like most personas, he’s more than meets the eye. A child of Caribbean immigrants, Ettore Ewen (Big E) embraced challenges at every stage of life. After battling injuries as a collegiate football player, he struggled to find an identity off the field.

With no degree of certainty, he turned to one thing he knew he could do: powerlifting. Each set redefined his definition of success, which is exactly what followed when he broke the USAPL deadlift record. As his list of powerlifting accomplishments got longer, the WWE took notice, ushering in a future laden with opportunity. Big E sized that chance, and now you can see him in the ring every week as part of the dynamic tag team trifecta, The New Day.

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