Justin Lakin

Justin Lakin spent 8 years in the military between active duty and the National Guard as a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, or “Green Beret.” During his time in the military he conducted multiple deployments to Central/South America, and Afghanistan- during which he was awarded a Bronze Star for service. After receiving an honorable discharge he went on to help the Texas National Guard as a Combat Marksmanship technician in 2009, where he oversaw development and implementation of the marksmanship program for the entire state of Texas National Guard element. This is when he first began working alongside the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training element, or ALERRT, in supporting the training of both the military and law enforcement agencies in. He has since worked as a defense contractor conducting security type operations and training in other areas around the world to include Africa- while maintaining a relationship with ALERRT by continuing to train/support law enforcement agencies as available. Over the course of his career, Justin has helped train over 10,000 individuals across military, law enforcement, and civilians.”

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